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  • I Loved Infinity - 1976
    The original book that established Dr. Cecil H.H. Mills as a literary titan of the industry. Lauded by critics as the first ever book to be written in the fourth person perspective.

  • Wildwood, The Ignoble Beast - 1978
    First person account of Dr. Cecil H.H. Mills’ hunting, capture, friendship and inevitable alliance with the infamous man-eating lion of Wildwood. Became the first and last of his novels to be optioned into a movie. Due to studio interference, the script was changed drastically against Dr. Mills’ wishes and was renamed and eventually released as Herbie Goes Bananas (1980, dir. Vincent McEveety).

  • Portraits in Repose - 1983
    Collection of short stories by Dr. Cecil H.H. Mills centering around beloved character Nathaniel the Time Traveler, a man who could see into the future only as far as the next time he farts. This book was never nominated for a Hugo award due to backroom political infighting.

  • Spies of the Nantes Underground - 1987
    Dr. Cecil H.H. Mills’ first foray into historical fiction. Suggesting an alternate timeline where the Allies succumb to the wrath of Mecha Hitler, this book follows the exploits of a ragtag group of revolutionaries as they fight to take their back homeland from the Robo-Reich.

  • The Combine Harvester Technical Manual - 1990
    Done as a favor to an old college roommate, Dr. Cecil H.H. Mills authored the technical manual for the Billingshurst SLQ-200 Combine Harvester. Critical reception to this was so uproarious that it merited a reprinting in both hardcover and paperback as well as a short run as an off-Broadway stage play.

  • That Which Waits Beyond the Veil - 1996
    Similar to Milton's Paradise Lost in that it is considered one of the most beautifully written books in the English language, but different in that this one is actually good. Dr. Cecil H.H. Mills famously induced medical death for 22 minutes as research for this novel.

  • Dire House by the Sea - 2001
    Dr. Cecil H.H. Mills’ collected research into Dire House, a purportedly haunted seaside cabin inhabited by the spirit of Jeremiah Halworth, the specter of a long-since deceased sea captain. This book provides what is known to many scholars as the most succinct and believable evidence of the paranormal. Dr. Mills and Captain Halworth remain good friends to this day.

  • My Travels Abroad and Within - 2004
    Travel diary of Dr. Cecil H.H. Mills as he explores the American heartland in a makeshift campervan, interviewing the men and women that make up this great nation, and challenging each and every one of them to a fistfight.

  • Cerberus, From On High - 2010
    Perhaps the most infamous of Dr. Cecil H.H. Mills’ lexicon, every known copy of this book was destroyed under mysterious circumstances in a warehouse fire at the Bradford & Bradford publishing house, those rats. Resulted in the shuttering of Bradford & Bradford and the Dr.’s unwarranted exile from the literary world.

  • Ghost Hunters Adventure Club and the Secret of the Grande Chateau
    It’s a YA novel. You can probably skip this one.

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